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oakland and berkeley helped warn drivers and later used shovels to clear ice way from the road. >> it was very cold out there again this morning and into the day, really. >> yes. i woke up and thought when did i move to chicago? >> that is what it felt like. without wind. here is a look at a cloud free sky. the absence of clouds also means cold weather overnight this, morning's will hes dropped to 26 degrees in sonoma county airport. 28 was the low in concord and novato. lows of 29 in redwood city and morgan hill, low 30s around the bay area, it's going to be colder overnight tonight. we have a freeze warning in affect from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the north bay. the east bay interior value skbreez santa clara valley, low temperatures dropping into the mid-20s to about 30 degrees, freeze damage to crops and vegetation is a possibility. and in addition to freeze warning a frost advise very in
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effect for the area around bay shore line outlined in lighter colors. low temperatures dropping into low to mid-30s. sensitive plants at risk. you may want to protect people, plant, pipes and pets. it's going to be cold. >> spencer, thank you. sake kret heart community services is helping people stay warm during this freeze. >> abc 7 news joins us live from san jose with more now. karina? >> there are lots of different aspects to cold weather. now we're in a community garden scattered about san jose. some of the growers here are taking precautions for their plants. some hearty plants don't need covering and others are suffering from freeze damage. >> the vegetable crops at the community gardens in san jose are showing signs of multiple nights of cold weather exposure. bill dwyer covered up his trees in the backyard and
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hibiscus in front of the house. >> i did lose one last year it passed a time. hopefully this, year, it will work. let's believe it work autos is doing work to help families stay warm, 350 preregistered people dropped bitñ closet every day. every family member is entitled to five articles of clothing twice a month. >> we're giving away 2000 and more than 2000 items every day. and especially now, it's blankets and heavy quilts.1tm something to keep the family warm and if there is a jacket they go quick lie timing could not have been more perfect for this company that collected 150 coats for fr employees and today was drop off day at sacred heart. >> we ask at the end of the year to clean out closets,
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most of us are lucky enough to buy a new coat. why not gift old one to someone who can use it. >> such a good idea. and tomorrow, sacred heart will be handing out about 100 backpacks to homeless men and women in addition to items inside of the backpack, there will be a blanket. abc 7 news. >> we're updating our twitter feed with weather athe lerts. you can follow us on abc 7 news bay area, spencer will rejoin with us a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> mun man shot this afternoon just before 2:00 at illinois street. that is near at approach to the dunbarton bridge. police have not yet released names. witnesses say a car drove away from the scene just moments afteuk7çhe shooting. >> in oakland a plan is being put into action. officials announced a new wl r
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a smik in homicides this year. does it not include declaring a local state of emergency. the chief says the department is getting support from the state. the chief more officers to streets, concentrating in@ high crime hot spots. >> we know that there is probably one to 2% of the population that is in violence, we focused on them. >> there have been six murders so far this year compared to two. chief jordan says they've made an arrest, and they're now working to make more arrests. >> police just released this sketch of a man who tried to rape a woman in the mission district. he's described as being in 20s to 30s, five eight and 160 pounds. the woman attacked on 23rd street on januarith. she says her attacker punched her, wrestled her to the ground and tried to rape her, she screamed and neighbors turned on their lights. >> the teenager accused of
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opening fire inside of a southern california high school last week will be charged as an adult. the 16-year-old brianit oliver faces charges including attempted murder for a shooting in taft last thursday plea, say he critically shot a class mate, wounding two others before a teacher convince thoimd drop the weapon. investigators say bullying may have been a motive. >> it's been one month since the school shooting in cut skut ask, parents of children killed in that massacre launch aid group calling for a national dialogue called sandy hook promise. >> we want the sandy hook elementary school shootings to  we brought our community and community as cross the nation together and said a real course for change. >> 26 people were killed in that shooting. 20 of them children. tomorrow vice president biden will unveil the administration's plan to curv curve -- curb gun violence in america. >> there is a poll showing
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where americans stand on issues. 8% said they support background checks at gun shows. 71% support a federal data base to track sales, 58% support a ban on assault weapons. when it comes to arming school guards 55% support that idea. >> take a look at some of the guns in san mateo county confiscated over the weekend from one man. they found this assault rifle lrx three handguns and rounds of ammunition in his apartment. turns out he's a convicted felon and back in jail. >> san francisco muni ran up the city's biggest overtichl tab, over $18 million beyond overtime budget. >> a sizeable chunk twont employees working at night on rcdv)m1)aill vehicles inside tu. one worker made 163,000s ndz
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extra pay on top of $106,000 base pay. >> bad budgeting or bad planning. but... yae. i think i can drive a train, too. so maybe i'll look for a job. >> it's a specialized job. only a certain amount of people can do that that. is where overtime racks up as far as individuals on the system, control systems. >> muni managers say they're training more workers in order to reduce td need for overtime. >> may have been chilly in san francisco. but that didn't stop activists from stripping down in front of city hall protesting a new nudity ban. a hearing set for thursday to determine if the law violates rights of nudists. >> cold day like today, that is commitment right there. the flu outbreak prompting lots of people in the bay area to get shots.
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officials in kaiser say the increase in demand is caution some spot shortages of vaccine at their flu clinics saying they're moving reserves to medical centers for demand is greatest now. they're ordering more from manufacturers. saying it's vaccinated 1.2 million members sempx october. >> 49ers get rgd to face cal cons in nfc championship game. >> 49ers beat packers saturday night. so are the niner faithful making plansúiñ to go south or saving their money? >> i'm here it's going to be all lit up in 49er skpred gold in just a bit. there is a lot of ride out there. there are a lot of pick tik yits still available out there.
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i talked to a number of plans that are thrilled about saturday's viblgtry. a lot of people were at that game. i had a hard time finding faithful who are actually making the road trip to atlanta. for smrks it's too far go. 2j% tiiceetssstill available.
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>> he says he is he'ding to atlanta anyway he can. >> ride share to ride share. no money, starting out. but you know, it's about the team. >> so he is basically hitchhiking but you don't have to do that. there are a lot of direct flights out there. some fans told us atlanta no. new orleans, they're confident that the team is going all the way. live in san francisco outside city hall, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> i'll tell you we're going to atlanta. mike shumann will be there to cover the nfc championship game. still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 return of an american muscle car legend. >> plus, caught on video. police officers lift a taxi with their bare hands to save
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a man. >> then, at 4:30 this woman who just appeared on katy says she's a victim of sex trafficking and she shares her story. her fight to end sex laboring. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live. you can contact michael on finney abc 7 and on twitter, misdemeanor finney. >> at 4:12 our first check of the traffic. a live look at san francisco skyway. usual left to right crawl. a lot better for folks heading towards 101 south on the righthand side of the screen. back with m
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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well, they're not only new york's finest but may be some of nork's strongest. you're looking at videotape of police officers lifting up a taxi that had just run over a man. officers were chasing the guy. he ran in front of the cab and got hit. the cops lifted the taxes ease and were able to spring it -- swing it sideway autos former president bush left the hospital today after spending two months being treat forward a lingering illness. he ended up in the hospital the day after thanksgiving with, a brompk kitis related cough. the 88-year-old spent a week in intensive care to treat a fever. doctors wanted to keep it from worsening into knew moana. at 88 is he america's oldest
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living president. >>zkymñ on to business news now. dell may be going private and hairs of apple dropped today. >> emily chang is live with that and more in the bloomberg after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry, carolyn. shares of apple diving hitting the lowest noint nearly a year, falling below $500 a share to $498.51 then rebounding at the end of the day, butf&.t still dn nearly 4%. for the session. this coming as japanese media reports apple has cut orders for iphone parts frf suppliers. saying apple has only ordered about half of the 65 million iphone 5 displays. that is according to an unnamed executive at a company. and bloomberg news learned that dell is in talks to go private according to people familiar with the matter dell talking about a phone shall deal with two ply vit firms
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and big banks have been contacted about financing. it would be the biggest leverage buyout in six years with dell market cap at more than $21 billion. and hewlett-packard is back on top of the shrinking pc market. a research firm says the share was more than 16% last quarter retaking the lead from lanovo that did show greater growth than hp. pc aels fell nearly 9% to just over 90 million units as windows 8 did little to boost the sector. >> it appears layoffs are coming to hp. >> nominee unit. some employees will lose jobs as hp makes changes to bismts hp reportedly ramping up research and development spending and is also trying to tie a new product to hp printing and personal systems businesses. taking a look at broader market, stocks ended the day
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mixed and little changed. dell's rally on talks offset a slump in apple. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed low yes, apple, google and ebay were some of the drags there. a source tells bloomberg west twitter is in no rush to go public but is staying on top of the market. the source tells us that twitter has plenty of cash and that an ipo would depend on market conditions and other factors, so far no, bankers have been hired. the news as twitter board gets ready to meet in a couple weeks. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> general motors proving everything is old is new again, rolling out it's new chevy or corvette sting ray. the name has in the been used on a new vet since 1976. gm says this is the most powerful and fuel efficient
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corvette ever made. can go from zero to 60 in under four seconds, gm claims it's the most fuel efficient exceed yeeding 26 miles per gallon. the new sting ray goes on sale later this year. >> looks fun. >> it does. >> nice looking car is what i'm thinking. >> spencer chis kf"&xx chin is here now. it's pretty out there. it's butte oofl very beautiful day. this makes for a cold overnight. cold overnight. here is a live view. looking at golden gate, and there are your clear skies. lovely view of the western sky. by hour or so before sun sets. take a look let's at live doppler 7 hd. there is a view of how clear, cloud free. right around 50 degrees in most locations, but it's down to 48 in livermore, you can
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see temperatures beginning to drop. it's going to be another cold overnight period. very cold with freeze warnings and frost advisories in milder pattern beginning mid week z that will be a welcome sight for much of us, overnight tonight lows to drop to 27 degrees in santa rosa and fairfield. 28 in livermore, 29 concord and morgan6[ñu hill, low 30s in locations around the bay shore, once again, freeze warnings from the entire north bay and inland valleys. frost advisories for the shore-lying communities. one cold air mass is going to be sliding eastward beginning tomorrow, replaced by another center of high pressure that will keep us dry but bring us milder weather beginning mid week. we'll see temperatures beginning to climb into 60s by tomorrow, just another sunny,
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pleasantly cool day. looking for highs into mid-50s. on pin anyone slarks sunny skies and highs from low to mid-50s up to 56 in palo alto and mountain view. low to mid 50s on the ko. downtown there is a high of 54 tomorrow. into north way, 58, highs 57 oakland, 56 in other locations. inland east bay, barely into mid-50s. about 55 in danville. and near monterey bay, we'll he see mid to upper 50s, here is the accu-weather forecast. here comes our warming trend beginning milder trend. high temperatures up to 60s around the bay, then thursday, friday, low 60s around the bay.f$fkñ mid-60s on saturday and sunld a nice welcome bit of warm relief for us. from what we're having now. >> welcome, indeed. >> why yes. >> up next a golden night at golden globes. big winners and jody foster's
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candid speech everyone is talking brks today. >> then, the coroner changes official cause of death for actress natalie wood. >> and taking a look at traffic now, cars heading northbound. both directions moving well now. stay with us.
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welcome news for fans and business owners san jose sharks tickets go on sale wednesday at 10:00 a.m. >> you can go hp pavilion, crews painted lines on the lice. logo comes next. first home game is on thursday, january 24th. first game of the season, total in this season. >> it's one of the biggest parties in holly woo.d golden globe awards. >> yes. surely a night to remember. >> hollywood still buzzing today after golden globe awards. argo won best motion picture. back stage, reporters asked being snubbed for a directing nomination. >> we got nominated for seven oscars including best picture
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and i'm thrilled fchl you're not happy with that your prospects for long term happiness are probably thin. hathaway won best actor and supporting actress. a candid jody foster gave the most-bused -- buzzed about moment. >> i did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age. but now, apparently i'm told every celebrity is expected to honor details of their private life with a fragrance and prime time reality show. >> it was a golden night but the trend on the carpet was red. claire dainz looked ravishing in red as did jennifer lawrence. cast your vote for go who wore it best there. is a full list of winners and you can make your official
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pose scar picks and share them. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> still ahead, remembering a young internet maf vick whosedúr influence start 234d the bay area and the legal battle that has m.i.t.investigating the death. >> lance armstrong's admission to oprah winfrey today. >> coca-cola's new campaign
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internet filled with with eulogies for a one time bay area resident. >> 26-year-old erin schwartz committed suicide in new york. two years ago prosecuters say he illegally down loaded millions of science journals. we're live with his bay area connection. >> as indicated the federal government considered aaron schwartz a thief, for allegedly down loading academic paper was out permission. a case many believe led to his suicide. his robin hood like advocacy had strong bay area influences. >> schwartz gave a lecture
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last may. >> if we've lost the ability to communicate over the internet it could be a changed bill of rights, freedoms guaranteed in the constitution he dropped out of stanford but maintained a close friendship with lessic whoççí[ spoke about him today he was going to -- an incredible soul who inspired millions who,( now weep as we've seen a crossek:÷ e internet in outrage and devastation that he would have been driven to the cliff that he stepped over. >> the cliff was felony charges by the'z. swr justice department when he down loaded research papers at m.i.t.. cindy cohen met him six or seven years ago. >> he found a bunch of kindred souls. he first hooked up with cory
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was here, it's a testament to the movement. it's now all over the country. >> now, his web site is filled with testimonials calling him a hero. >> there is a movement that they will do those activities in his name and honor. and they want information that should be free and there should be open access to continue the struggle. >> schwartz was to go on trial this year, facing a n fine of $1 million, up to 35 years in presidenton. m.i.t.said it's going to conduct an investigation into the events that led toupt suicide. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> new at 4:00 a source says lance armstrong admitted to doping. this as an interview with oprah win free. a source said armstrong admitted to using banned substances during a taping today. armstrong had denied doping for years. he was stripped of seven
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titles for using illegal performance-enhacing drugs last year, he's wor brid negative publicity to affect his live strong foundation offering support to cancer survivors. he apologized to the staff today that interview will air on thursday. >> president obama making his case for raising the debt ceiling. this morning the president says he will negotiate on spending cuts but not on the debt ceiling. mark matthews is here now with more on what sat stake. >> republicans in the house say they won't raise the debt gmu and president agree to corresponding cuts. the president outlined the stake autos the president began by defining the issue. >> debt keeling is not a question of authorizing more spending. it allows the country to pay for spending that congress is committed to. >> he said americans
4:33 pm
understand the concept. >> you don't go out to dinner and... then, you know eat all you want. and then... leave without paying a check. >> if you do that, it's against the law, said the president. he added if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling american people will pay the price. >> social security checks and veteran benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owner autos again and again, the president repeated the fact raising the debt ceiling only allows for payment of bills that congress has already racked up. but when we went out to talk with residents most had no idea what it was or what it meant. if congress raises it, what does it do? >> puts us in debt. >> ate lous him to borrow more
4:34 pm
money. >> i feel goitsing to raise prices on everything. >> when explaining what it means, most told us they won't raise it. >> i hope rinz would. i do. >> coming up at 6:00 why he thinks the president did likely to win this one. he'll say what he needs to do before the debt ceiling comes up for a vote. >> clearly a lot of confusion about that. cuba's new law easing travel restrictions began today pechl are taking advantage of it. >> they stood in long lines outside travel agencies and the u.s. interest section.g1u in havana. animalla lifts do not expect a mass exodus but they have questions in recent weeks. >> bee jirngs china facing an air quality emergency. look at the pictures.
4:35 pm
62q calling pollution there hazardous saying this is the worst it's been in china. residents saygjhr there is a burning smell in the air smrks highways are closed and flights, cancelled. pollution blamed on the rapid inr industrial growth. and a rise in car ownership. just to give you an idea of how bad it is, the air pollution indmechl beijing is at 755. now, anything over a scale of 300 is considered an emergency. by comparison the scale in the united states doesn't go over 500. >> royal baby news, duke and duchess's baby expected in ju. a spokesman for the palace says her condition is continuing to improve. following her stay in the hospital. >> still ahead a study found children who eat too much fast food are risking more than just obesity. >> 49ers fans have a sports
4:36 pm
tribute. >> today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead, still taking your questions so you can contact me right now at finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer your questions here live later. >> clear skies over ocean beach. but more cold weather is on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. owe at 4:37 another live check of traffic and the view from our camera. looking at mcarthur maze, it's jammed up. it will be better for folks making the turn towards san
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just when america got over tivoing, collin paepernick created his own phrase. >> it's called kaepernicking. it means kissing the right bicep. >> yes. yes. >> and it helps if you have some muscles there. he ran wild in the niners win over green bay saturday night. you can see the touchdown run, how he celebrates by flexing. and then, a5 v you won't see any tebowing because tim tebowing just missed the
4:40 pm
playoffs. and we'll see there. could be more head. >> at least that is what -- here we go. bicep kissing trend going viral this year. he wanted to shogs shoe us his version this, guy is fine. he has biceps. >> yes. >> it's harder when you're young. >> look at this. cute little 49er fan dressed up, cheering on the team. fans showing us team pride now. >> adorable. >> you can e mail your fot dwroz you report at we'll be posting them and showing as many ofy> spencer christian has been known to kaepernick before collin kaepernick was playing. >> we have a warming trend coming. right now, clear skies over the bay area. and we're going to have another cold overnight period.
4:41 pm
freeze warning is in effect with areas outlined in dark purple clovers there. -- colors there. low temperatures into mid 20s in spots. sfreez damage is a possibility swre. a frost advisory in effect for this area lighter paler colors around bay shore line. frost advisory from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. low temperatures in this area will dropúpbl into low to mid-3. sensitive plants at risk. statewide another stun sunny day but a cool one. it won't be mild. los angeles a high of 62. palm springs 59 and temperatures, highs dropping into low to mid-50sóemo÷ travelg north. that includes bay area, skies will be sunny tomorrow, after frosty start in the morning hours, afternoon, we'll see highs barely making it into mid-50s. oakland may be a warmest location.
4:42 pm
>> just those graphics. >> there you-l&;ñ >> thank autos kiss cold gi buy. >> still head there is a new twist in the investigation into natalie wood's death. why the coroner changed her official cause of death. >> company that has been criticized for the sugar in its drink. >> and coca-cola is joining debate on obesity.>"h÷ i'm michael finney. is there a way to trace scam e mails or warn others about them? answers to that in the of
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new details in a mystery stunning hollywood. the death of actresss
4:46 pm
wasn't enough evidence to determine if anyone else was involved in the death. the sheriff does not consider wag nor to be a suspect in the death. >> checking healthy living news a study is linking asthma and echlz to fast food. they found kids in their early teen who's ate fast food three times per week had a 39% increased risk of severe asthma and other allergy-relate< conditions. by the way researchers found eating three or more servings cut the risk by as much as 14%. >> coca-cola would like you to mow it's fighting the nation's obesity epidemic planning to tout efforts during high efforts include caller can sizes and moreñq?qó localry dri. critics say this is an attempt
4:47 pm
to become part of the solution instead of the problem. >> robin roberts coming back to good morning america announce she'll be returning to the selt within a few weeks. the co-anchor has been on leave since summer getting treatment for a bone marrow disorder she developed while undergoing chemo they area pismt she says latest tests show no abnormal plalts. -] moblgtors are waiting for this information to be able to tell me i can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. i'm coming home. >> roberts plans to do a dry run next week. her doctors want to see how her body reacts to the studio environment. >> michael finney is here now answering questions sent to us and we start with one e mail reading my mother-in-law left a will in 1987. the law firm that helped
4:48 pm
create sit no longer l and the lawyer died. what can we do about the will? >> this is a tough one. because of how much time has gone past. i don't know when your mother-in-law guide in the state of california you have 120 days to contest a will. so... if she's not within 120 days you've got something going for you f not, you're in a difficult situation. so i want you to get to probate attorney if there is enough money involved. few bucks, you'd run through it anyway. if there is a lot see if there is something maybe they can fill in the gap. >> ella asks is there anyway to trace scam e mails? >> trying to trace them is all but impossible. the federal government can go about it. and really good hackers to find it out. best thing you can do if you want to join in, most will
4:49 pm
have a%y+lç button you press telling them it's junk mail. doesn't just move it into the junk pile letting them know you believe this is a scam e mail them. pass it along that. works very well that. is why we don't get as much spam as we used to get. they get a four five times, they block it. soit works. >> okay. >> gina asks i need to buy a used car and heard there are flooded cars being sold from sandy. how do i make sure i don't get one of those? >> that is good. there are a lot of flooded cars. every time we have an event cars my great out here, there are two others i want you to go to. national insurance crime bureau and motor vehicle title information system. that is the one the government is relying on. national insurance crime national insurance crime bureau also haséf2 these. go to those web sites.
4:50 pm
before you buy the cars, check them out on both of those. >> up next, a bay area woman's personal story of sex trafficking. she says her parents had sold her into slavery. >> coming up, death threats lawmaker from introducing a bill today that could close a dangerous loophole. >> and an ad campaign using an image of a naked family. we'll have to take a look at the metsage that they're trying to get across. those stories and r and more those stories and r and more comiinsoe en 5:0t atint ilyel y s luloonge iuronirplin ocdiou
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
r om january is human trafficking awareness month. a young woman from the bay area told a horrifying story. she says her own parents sold her for search starting when she was 10 years old. abc 7 news joins us from the newsroom with more.
4:54 pm
heather? >> this exrecordry young woman cut ties with her parents. úl the last check for her education. she is now a graduate student there and contemplating a dock torit in writing. she's only just getting used to the idea she can have a bright, beautiful future. >> 28-year-old lynn watch hears peer yens, talking about how growing up in san jose, her parents sold her for sex. >> my parents began selling me for sex at the age of 10 after years of preparation. my father raped three mee from age 3 until i left at age 20. >> she somehow thrived academically in south bay public schools, her parents made her sign a contract and threatened her life. at age 11 they took her to a cafe, a front for a brothel. and raped and heard r >> watching something that every day i wished it wasn't
4:55 pm
true. >> she went public and became an advocate about three years ago. but it is hard to face per past. >> part of healing is z.thriving is admitting to myself that that happened and that i deal with consequences of that. >> and tons of shame. some point i believed this is what i deserved. >> she hopes telling the story will bring attention to the fact children are being sold for sex. right here in the bay area. >> maybe it's not directly money, children being sold in exchange for someone's debt. for drugs. or their rent. >> she has high hopes for making an impact and a simple hope for the future. >> marry. a partner who i love. and hopefullyd>> s my current partner of almost seven years. and i would have children. >> a big step in building that future came today. she signed on as executive
4:56 pm
director of a nonprofit called don't sell bodies founded by jada pinkett smith putting her star power behind this issue. dang will be appearing in a san francisco event tomorrow on human trafficking month with mayor ed lee. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> it's unthinkable. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news exclusive app is still available for your android phone. you can down load it now for free. as well as on google play. the free larm clock app is still available if you van iphone. abc 7 news at 5:00 beginses right now. >> thank you. oakland police say they've discovered a key to curbing the rash of violence in the city. why they say magic number is two. >> and hi there, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. the bay area hard freeze last night. and tonight we're going to do it again. the air
4:57 pm
leads to icy problems on the road and a driving warning from the chp. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm careo lynn johnson. tonight we're asking police and city leaders in oakland about a violent weekend oo. 15 shootings since just friday this, map shows you where they occurred at nine locations. four people were killed on friday alone. abc 7 news is live now with how officials there plan to crack down on this out of control level of crime. nick? >> absolutely. and dan, good afternoon. today, oakland city leaders where one of the youngest victims of gun violence lost his life. today, a council member is calling for a state of emergency but the chief says we're already in one. >> there is not two, three people. there is multiple people. >> according to oakland police chief, two groups are
4:58 pm
responsible for 90% of the violence plaguing stit over six months. >> we're talking about murders. robberies and shootings. >> he says there are tl is evidence tying groups to one shooting over the weekend. since friday, there have been 15 victims of gunfire in oakland. sky 7 hd over east 17th veet and 23rd avenue. police responded and located a gunshot victim. later/7[ learned the man died from injuries. less than half an hour later a 30-year-old oakland man found shot to death next to diamond park. police believe he was killed and the body dumped at the site. chief jordan won't release information aboutag%]z the grous behind shootings but i did say he and his office are working with other agencies to curb the violence. but only one arrest has been made. >> we have to continue to gather intelligence to make sure we're focusing on the right people. >> october, 2012. >> looking for the right
4:59 pm
people can't come soon enough. bobby dell's son was shot and killed last year. there have been no arrests in that crime. giving him+cxçú a reason to push for change. >> i want to put an end. i can't cure the united states or the state. but i can make imprints here in the city. insisted police with the only arrest of a suspect connected to the violence. they're looking for a second. >> this kind of fight didn't used to end with a dozen murders. >> the mayor believes availability of gun business young people escalated and hoping legislation being pushed will end the use of use for automatic weapon autos police hope someone can help

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